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Reliability, service and quality of latest technologies are the standard message we carry to our customers

WIC is a specialist in the payment collection network, developed for cash-payment of bills, cash-payments of services, and cash-prepayments for mobile telephones and energy meters. With 3400 locations in Israel alone, W.I.C is currently the market leader of the Israeli electronic prepaid market and the largest distributer of telecommunications merchandise.

In a world where control over expenses becomes a daily requirement in all aspects of life, both business and personal, suitable solutions are necessary – we research, develop and distribute unique prepaid products in coordination with these requirements.

W.I.C GROUP specializes in sourcing and distributing of telecom products such as cellular phones and accessories, and also telecom hardware products of the latest technologies which make up a large part of the services which W.I.C provides its consumers. Distributed through its chain of Orange branded stores to the end customer, W.I.C utilizes its control over the entire sales channel to deliver cut rate products to its customers.

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