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Electronic cellular and bill payments

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EPRS and Celltime are the market leaders of electronic loading and bill payments in Israel with over 3400 locations which include convenience chain stores, supermarkets petrol stations, telecom stores, corner shops and etc.

EPRS was acquired by WIC Group in February 2010
EPRS has a leading technology in the bill payments and cellular loading industry. The technology operates in Israel, India and Angola.

Celltime Ltd was acquired by WIC Group in October 2011
The company was acquired for its unique software which is an integral part of Retalix POS cash machines, and Verifone POS cash machines. Retalix and Verifone are the largest POS machine operators in the country with over 90% market share. Through this acquisition, WIC has gained access to practically all Chain-stores in Israel.

Publish House

Logo Focal
Focal publishing Ltd is the Group's newsprint and advertising division, with 4 different magazines printed out fortnightly and circulated in over 10,000 copies.
The company produces festivals, ships international artists to perform in Israel, creates events for cellular companies and multinational money transfer corporations, generate promotional events, sponsoring and advertising campaigns, supports the communities of foreign employees in Israel in raising funds, awareness, organizing celebrations and get-togethers and more.
Focal Magazine's online newspaper is gaining increasingly higher traffic due to its innovative and informative formation

Telecommunication stores and national distribution

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WIC WorldCom International Communications is the largest and most prestigious official distributer of Orange prepaid and telecoms products.
The company distributes prepaid loading cards, sim cards, cellular modems, international calling cards, cellular phones, accessories to stores all over the country.

Programming outsource services

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WIC's technology arm is our new venture which provides outsourcing programming services with proven proficiencies in outsourced PHP programming, .NET development, Open Source, Web Development, Ecommerce development, iPhone application programming, Software development and offshore IT consulting services.

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