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To us Communication represents closeness, even to those far away from us

Unbeatable Value

1. Low purchase price

WIC switches costs less. With prices for a complete, all-in-one system come with everything you need, including


2. Call routing

WIC switches answer and direct your calls and handles inquiries about things like your hours or location. That means you can put more of your people power somewhere else. You'll also find your staff is more effective at what they're supposed to be doing when Use IP phones and skip the second network

If you're just starting out and haven't wired your new office yet, you can save even more by using WIC systems with IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don't need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense.


3. Use VoIP to reduce long distance bills

WIC systems  work with VoIP as well as it does with the traditional network. You can connect multiple branches over the Internet or integrate offerings from VoIP service providers.

Low cost international calls
Spend a fraction of your current bill through WIC global infrastructure to make cheaper long distance calls from the office.

Beat the high cost of long distance calls made from Mobile phones
Nothing burns up money faster than a long distance call from a mobile phone. WIC can save you money when you're on the road with its unique bridge feature. It lets you use your own long-distance plan rather than the mobile phone operator’s.

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